You have to leave the city of your comfort
And go into the wilderness of your intuition
What you discover will be wonderful
What you discover will be yourself

Sometimes, the only way to ever find yourself is to get lost entirely. Years ago when the developers stood atop the hills on the old Verloren farm, lost in the vistas and views of serenity that stretched out before them, a dream was born – a wildlife residential estate where space and time reigns supreme, and where residents could escape from the city stress and enjoy the rewards of a prestigious African wildlife estate. A place to outrun the busy-ness of life, to find solitude, to settle and to root yourself and your family in the bushveld.

Carefully planned to blend with the natural beauty of the land between Bela Bela (Warmbaths) and Modimolle (Nylstroom), Verloren will be your own personal bushveld sanctuary overlooking the Waterberg mountains and grassy plains. The city is just one hour away with local conveniences such as shopping malls; restaurants; cafes; schools; golf courses; hospitals (provincial and private) and frail care facilities even closer.

Secure your own slice of nature and let the call of the wild indulge your senses. Listen to the delightful sounds of Verloren’s abundant birdlife, or be mesmerised as a group of graceful giraffes walk past, or smile as baby warthogs roll and wallow in mud pools. Let your eyes soak up the majestic beauty of our inspiring sunrises and sunsets, where the sky lights up and displays a myriad of colours. Or look up at the inky black, clear sky with its millions of stars. You will never see a display like this in the city. Lose yourself in the wide-open spaces of the bushveld. Within Verloren’s 1012 hectares, you can safely walk along the countless trails that thread their way through the unspoiled bush, sharing the paths with a variety of small and large game. Or experience walking in our gorge, under a canopy of gnarled ancient trees, and mossy rocks, where the morning mist rises, and another peaceful day begins.

If riding is your passion, grab your bike and explore over 40km of off-road trails, where you have the freedom to move and be – no traffic jams, or dodging taxis here. Verloren is also a horse lover’s paradise for those that have a passion to explore the unparalleled beauty of Verloren on horseback. And if you enjoy a slower pace, why not do some fishing at one of our dams on Verloren. Our dams are filled by natural springs from the surrounding area.

So relax on your deck as the sun sets over the ridge, savouring a refreshing drink as the farm’s nocturnal residents alter the hum of the bushveld. Take the time to imagine life at Verloren – be it a family home, a retirement choice where you can enjoy your grandchildren, or a weekend getaway for the whole family.

Verloren Estate is positioned for you to enjoy the best of the world-renowned Waterberg region – wildlife reserves, local farm stalls, restaurants, cafes, galleries, resorts, championship golf courses and much more are all on your doorstep.


  • Limited stands available – the ultimate in low-density living
  • Large and private 2500 m² bush stands (full title ownership)
  • Buyers may choose from several elegant home plans, or create their own plans
  • Shared game farm ownership without the responsibilities(managed by the Verloren Homeowners Association)
  • Affordable levies
  • Excellent security – 24-hour armed guards
  • 3 meter high, and well maintained electric fence
  • Electricity supplied by Eskom
  • Serviced private roads and entrances
  • Water supplied by boreholes through a reservoir
  • Drinkable water – we have an onsite water purification plant
  • Clubhouse with braai facilities, sunset deck, gym and lounge area
  • Pets allowed with permission
  • Best possible position with a close proximity to Gauteng
  • Excellent wifi and mobile connectivity
  • No motorcycles or 4-wheelers (‘quads’) are allowed, battery operated vehicles similar to golf carts are the preferred means to use for game viewing

In wilderness I sense the miracle of life,
and behind it our scientific
accomplishments fade to trivia

At Verloren, you can have it all – your ideal home in harmony with nature, as well as excellent access to a full range of facilities, amenities and services. Should you want to explore the greater area, enjoy the endless smorgasbord of dining, retail and entertainment options.

Bela Bela (Warmbaths) and its world-famous warm water springs are just minutes down the road. Resorts and guest lodges in the area offer everything from game viewing trips on horseback, to 5-star health and beauty treatments. There are also numerous hiking trails, and water sports lovers will find a perfect spot for fishing at the Platriver Dam. For boating enthusiasts, there is the renowned Bela Bela Dam, and there are four world-class golf estates within driving distance.

Limpopo is a province with an infinite number of adventure and tourism possibilities, and Verloren is the ideal base from which to explore this spectacular region’s beauty and diversity.

The best part of living at Verloren is the weather. We are 3 degrees warmer than Johannesburg. This makes winter living a pleasure, as you can still enjoy shorts and t-shirt living during the day. We do get abundant summer rainfall, and our thunderstorms are dramatic as you watch a storm as it barrels over the Waterberg mountains, the sunsets are even better.

Summer days are spent under hot and blue sunny skies. So, the Verloren life is all about warm weather, cold swimming pools and braais.

The natural beauty of Limpopo is part of the charm and appeal of Verloren – that is why 2020 Developments has worked so hard to protect it. We’ve worked closely with environmental consultants and the local community to create a sustainable estate that not only lives in harmony with the area but also establishes an environmental legacy that will last.

Because the developers at Verloren followed best conservation practices, only 6% of the entire development was used for stands, and approximately 2% of the development will be utilised for the construction of homes. This ensures a healthy and lasting ecological balance for both flora and fauna in the area.

Dirt roads are maintained in immaculate condition, and all electrical and water services are installed beneath the ground, unlike many other similar estates. The development team has a strong focus environmentally sensitive design and water-saving measures, and particular, the conservation and protection of native plants and animals in the new community. While the three-meter electrified game fence offers real peace of mind, the naturally dense surrounding conceals the estate almost wholly.

Verloren is home to a rich community of indigenous mammals which includes species like Giraffe, Nyala, Blue Wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Kudu, Impala, Zebra, Blesbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Bushbuck, Klipspringer, Warthogs and many more, that may visit you at any given moment.

Ornithology enthusiasts will be delighted with the spectacular variety of bird species at Verloren. We have over 200 different bird species Birdlife is complemented by more than thirty different species of trees. Perhaps the variety of wildlife is accompanied by the variety of landscapes at Verloren, ranging from flat open plains to bushy hilltop outcrops and steep gorges and cliffs, surrounded by a whole network of streams and breath-taking waterfalls. The distant rush of water can be heard at several high and low points on the property during the rainy season.

Here at Verloren Estate, if you’re very quiet, you can listen to your priorities rearranging themselves.

2020 Developments is one of the region’s largest residential property groups. As one of the leading construction, development and marketing companies in the Limpopo province, this family business boasts an astounding track-record. Over the years this company made a significant contribution to the growing tourist and lifestyle status of the town Bela Bela. With as many as 16 completed residential estates under its belt and many more in process, as well as several commercial developments, our company has a respectable
reputation in the industry.

2020 Developments take great pride in its communities and has a strong sense of responsibility to the people who choose to live in them. That is why we work with some of the very best in the industry, investing heavily in the design and implementation of the landscapes, public spaces and infrastructure at each of our very individual communities.

We also work with the natural environment, maximising the natural features of an area, conserving bushveld and other features wherever possible. The success of this company can be attributed to its direct involvement and an in-depth understanding of all aspects of development.

Experience and meticulous attention to detail set our company apart from others in its class.

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